Pupil Voice

School Council

Llangattock School Council is usually made up of 10 children, 2 members of each year group from Year 2 to Year 6.  The Councillors are elected by their classmates to serve on the council for one year.

The School Council elects Officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) according to their talents and strengths. The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues that are important to the school and its pupils, in order to develop and continue to improve the school.

“School Council is great because it gives you responsibility for making your school a better place. It means that everyone in the school can have a say. I am really enjoying the challenge of being a school councillor.”
Secretary, Year 6


Criw Cymraeg


Eco Schools

The pupils and staff on the Eco Committee help our school to be as ‘green’ and environmentally sustainable as possible.

They have recently completed a review of school activities in eight separate areas, and are now using the results to decide on an action plan with targets for improvement.  The eight areas are:  Waste Minimisation, Transport, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Energy, Water, Litter and Global Citizenship.

The Committee has written and shared an Eco-code to remind us all how to care for our school and the wider world. They help make sure that environmental issues are regularly included in lessons for all classes and suggest activities and events for the whole school eg. Earth Hour and Climate Change assemblies,  Bee Day and Recycled Fashion events.

The school participates in the Eco-Schools awards programme, run by Keep Wales Tidy.  The Committee helps to record evidence of our environmental activities and discussions, which we will need to apply for our next Platinum Award.

Many of the Committee members also come to Eco-club, after school.  The children are very enthusiastic and committed to the idea of a sustainable world.  They come up with some fantastic ideas!

Healthy Schools

Meet the committee:

A ‘Healthy School’ is one which takes responsibility for maintaining and promoting the health of all who ‘learn, work, play and live’ within it . It actively promotes, protects and embeds the physical, mental and social health and well being of its community through positive action.

The Healthy School Committee has been set up to take control over aspects of the school environment which influence health.

This year the committee will be working towards attaining Phase 5 and will be looking at “Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being”.


Meet the committee: