School Council

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Llangattock School Council is usually made up of 10 children, 2 members of each year group from Year 2 to Year 6.  The Councillors are elected by their classmates to serve on the council for one year.

The School Council elects Officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) according to their talents and strengths. The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues that are important to the school and its pupils, in order to develop and continue to improve the school.

“School Council is great because it gives you responsibility for making your school a better place. It means that everyone in the school can have a say. I am really enjoying the challenge of being a school councillor.”
Secretary, Year 6

Investing in School Council – Investing in Our School!

This year the School Council were given £20 to use in any way they wished to benefit the school. After some debate they decided to invest the money in a fortnightly ‘Treat Shop’ at the end of school on a Friday. This involves buying and bagging sweets, advertising and running the Treat Shop, keeping accounts of their investment as well as researching and deciding on what the profits should be spent on!!! The School Council currently have the target of buying new outdoor games for playtime for the Infant and Junior playgrounds – and they are making great progress with this due to their hard work. Please see the School Council Minutes for more details.