Use of Grant Funding

The Use of Grant Funding At Llangattock Church in Wales School





Accelerated Learning    
PDG-Pupil deprivation grant The purpose of the grant is to allow FSM pupils to overcome barriers to learning to make progress. £4,600 This money is used to pay support staff salaries to reduce group sizes and allow support staff to deliver appropriate interventions for vulnerable learners.
ERCSIG-(formerly EIG) The purpose of the Education Improvement Grant (EIG) is to improve educational outcomes for all learners by improving the quality of provision for learners. £10,040 This money is used to pay support staff salaries, to ensure we can meet the needs of all learners. It is used to release staff for courses, monitoring and lesson observations.
PLG The purpose of this grant is to allow schools to prepare for the new curriculum. £1,387 This money is used to release staff to read and report back on new curriculum guidance. It is used for release time to SDP priorities linked to new curriculum and whole school staff training.
Accelerated Learning Grant This is a new grant for 20-21, as a result of the COVID pandemic. It is to identify and close the gap for vulnerable learners, as identified by the school. £4,250-This money is used to identify those children who have not made expected progress, during school closure and deliver appropriate targeted interventions. These children may/not currently benefit from any other grant funding.