Weekly Updates


Weekly update Friday 3rd March 2023

Dear All,

A great week celebrating our Welsh heritage and culture. 

Congratulations to all of our children for participating so willingly in our Eisteddfod and particularly the amazing singing! It was a pleasure to see so many happy, smiley faces. Congratulations to our Bard!

It was also lovely to see some familiar and new faces at our Super Citizen Cafe today. Thank you to Kinde for allowing us to join them and to our fabulous children for organising the event and helping to make sure it ran smoothly.

Thank you to all of the children in KS2 who were so keen to try out for the cross-country event today. Unfortunately we cannot take all of the children, so we have decided to run our own cross-country event in school next Friday (weather permitting). KS2 children will need to wear PE kit on Friday, as well as Tuesday as usual.

Forthcoming events

We have a lot of exciting events planned for the next few weeks.

Friday March 17th is Red Nose Day. The children have asked if they can wear pyjamas and there will be a range of fun activities in school during the day.  School Council have suggested that a donation of £2 each would ensure that Llangattock School can make a really good contribution to this amazing charity.

We will also be holding a Grounds day to help tidy up before Spring. Further details to follow.

As we were not able to celebrate World Book Day this week, we have arranged our own day to celebrate and enjoy books, Friday March 24th . Children can dress up as their favourite character, or just bring in one small prop from a story. They can also bring in their favourite book to read to/with a friend.

Tuesday 28th March is our Easter Service at St Catwg’s and our Easter Hat parade. The children can make a hat. We have hats available as a base for their own creations at a cost of £1 per hat. These will be for sale after school next week. All money will go towards Easter eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt in the last week of term. If you prefer to make your own hat from scratch, that is fine too.

Thursday 30th March is our Bouncy Fun Day! We will be having a fun day with bouncy castles, a whole school picnic and lots of fun and games. 

Next Week:

Monday 6th

  • Y5/6 visit to the Community Woodlands. Please wear appropriate, warm clothing

Tues 7th

  • KS2 PE
  • Art and Craft Club Y1-6

Weds 8th

  • Y3/4 visit to the Community Woodlands. Please wear appropriate, warm clothing
  • FPh PE
  • Y1/2 Lego Club/ Y3-6 Fitness Club

Thurs 9th

  • Singing/Drama Club Y1-2 & Eco Club Y3-6

Fri 10th

  • KS2 Cross Country

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update Friday 17th February 2023

Dear All,

The end of a very busy half -term, which I hope everyone has enjoyed.

It was great to see so many parents at our parent consultation meetings. The children really enjoyed contributing to these meetings, which I hope you found really useful.

If you were not able to attend in person, we will offer an opportunity to visit school and share your child/re’s work with them before Easter.

Please find attached the latest newsletter. This has some new dates so please take a look. Thank you!

Monday 27th

  • All back to school

Tues 28th

  • Rev Bevan’s Assembly
  • Risca Male Voice Choir visiting
  • KS2 PE & FPh PE
  • Art and Craft Club Y1-6

Weds 1st

  • Eisteddfod-children can come to school dressed in traditional Welsh costume, red, or Welsh sports kit
  • 2:30pm All welcome to join us in the Community Hall for highlights of our Eisteddfod.
  • No FPh PE
  • NO Lego Club/Fitness Club

Thurs 2nd

  • FPH Planetarium
  • Singing/Drama Club Y1-2 & Eco Club Y3-6

Fri 3rd

  • 9:15-11:00 Super Citizen Cafe in the Community Hall

Polite reminder to please pay off all Parent Pay balances for after schools clubs, school dinners and breakfast clubs.

Have a great half-term!

Best wishes, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update Friday 10th February 2023

Dear All,

Wow, what a busy week!!!

KS2 have finished making glass decorations with Cag Rodwell, which are absolutely fantastic, walked to the woodlands, to learn about their local environment and been to Big Pit.

Foundation Phase have been creating some lovely pieces of artwork, and practising their handwriting, ready for Eisteddfod. They have also been practising retelling stories.

Next week we have our parent consultation meetings. Everyone who has returned a slip should have an appointment time, either sent home with your child/ren today, or emailed. If you haven’t yet received this, please contact your child’s class teacher. 

If you have not returned the slip to request a time slot, please contact your child’s class teacher to arrange an appointment. Thank you

Next week we do have clubs, but due to Parent Evening Consultations all children attending clubs will need to be collected from the Community Hall. Please wait on the KS2 playground and the children will be sent out to meet you. They will have all of their belongings. Thank you. 


  • Piano and Guitar lessons

Tues 14th-

  • Rev Jeremy Bevan’s Assembly and Y6 lesson
  • KS2 PE-Dance
  • Art and Craft Club Y1-6 (All children need to be collected from the Community Hall)

Weds 15th-

  • FPh PE
  • Lego Club Y1-2 & Fitness Club Y3-6 (All children need to be collected from the Community Hall)

Thurs 16th-

  • Singing/Drama Club Y1-2 & Eco Club Y3-6 (All children need to be collected from the Community Hall)

Fri 17th-

  • Iteach coding with KS2
  • Last day! Enjoy your half-term break

Best wishes, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update Friday 3rd February 2023

Dear All,

A very busy week for everyone! 

Y3-6 have been so adaptable this week, working with different teachers, as the Governors completed interviews for the new headteacher.  

On behalf of the Governors, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Katherine Durbin, as headteacher. Ms Durbin will be taking up the post after the Easter holidays.  I am sure she will be a huge asset to Llangattock School and wish her very well in her new post.

KS2 have also worked with iTeach for 2 days working on Google classroom and spreadsheets, learning lots of new skills.

Foundation Phase have been busy drawing story maps, measuring, learning about Chinese New Year and having great fun!

Please see the attached information regarding our ‘Welsh Question of the Week’. 

‘Ble rwyt ti’n byw?’   ‘Where do you live?’

The children will be practising using this around the school next week and may like to practise at home too! 

Apologies for the lack of photographs on Twitter recently, we have been having trouble sending Tweets. Hopefully the issues have been resolved now and lots of new Tweets should be available very soon!

A few notices regarding forthcoming events:

  • Parent Consultation Meetings wk bg Monday 13th Feb – letters will be sent out on Monday. Please return the slip as soon as possible so we can organise appointments.
  • March 1st is Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant. Children can come to school dressed in traditional Welsh costume, anything red, or Welsh rugby/football shirts. We will be sharing some Welsh singing, dancing and poetry with you. We hope you will be able to join us at 2:30pm for some highlights. Details to follow later.
  • Our Super Citizens have organised a Community Cafe on Friday 3rd March. They will be serving tea, coffee and refreshments in the Community Hall between 9:30 and 11:00am. There will also be a Kinde session. Please do come along and join us. All profits will go towards the children’s chosen charity.

Next week:


We are having some work done on the large oak tree in the Foundation Phase playground. The tree will need to be cordoned off, so there will not be any access to school via the top gate. We hope this work will be completed quickly, but apologise for any inconvenience.

Monday 6th

  • Piano (no guitar)
  • Cag Rodwell making decorations with KS2 children who missed the session before Christmas
  • KS2 walk to the Woodlands

Tuesday 7th

  • Assembly with Rev Bevan
  • KS2 PE (tennis)
  • 3:30pm Art & Craft Y1-6 

Wednesday 8th

  • FPh PE
  • Y5/6 Netball tournament
  • 3:30pm Lego Y1-2/Fitness Y3-6

Thursday 9th

  • Reception measurements by nurse
  • KS2 trip to the Big Pit
  • 3:30pm Drama & Singing Y1-2/Eco Y3-6

Friday 10th

  • 9am Y5/6 Cyber Safe Training with PC Skyrme
  • 9:30am Guitar

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 27th January 2023

Dear All,

A very busy week. We’ve had a lot of fun in our mix-up sessions working with lots of different children and adults. It has really been amazing to see how well all of the children have confidently interacted with each other, shared their work and made new friends. Well done!


Our end of term Easter Service has been moved to Tuesday 28th March at 10am in St Catwg’s Church. We hope you will be able to join us.

Next week is another super busy week.

On Monday and Tuesday Governors are interviewing for a new headteacher. Our KS2 children will be involved in this process. We wish everyone involved lots of luck. As these days are so busy Monday’s music lessons have been postponed (guitar on Wednesday and Hannah will put in extra days/dates before the end of term)

Wednesday 1st February-School is open as usual and will not be affected by strike action.

Mon 30th Jan


Tues 31st Jan

  • Iteach working with KS2
  • KS2 PE
  • 3:30pm Art and Craft Club Y1-6

Weds 1st Feb

  • FPh PE
  • PBuzz Session 3 Y3/4
  • Guitar lessons
  • 3:30pm Y1-2 Lego Club & KS2 Fitness Club
  • Bronze Ambassador Teams Session

Thurs 2nd Feb

  • 3:30pm FPh Singing/Drama Club & KS2 Eco Club

Fri 3rd Feb

  • ITeach working with KS2

A reminder from Catering to please pay off any meal balances in Parent Pay.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 20th January 2023

Dear All,

It has been another busy week but everyone is really looking forward to the disco tonight! Please look out for photos on Twitter. Thank you to everyone who attended and the PTA for organising and running this lovely event.

This week Y3 have started their PBuzz lessons. It was great fun. Hopefully they will be able to share what they have learnt at the end of the term. Thank you to their Pbuzz teacher Andy, we’re looking forward to next week’s session! Y5/6 had a visit from one of our school governors, Val Jones, who is going to come and listen to readers and help out in school each week. Thank you, Val! 

A polite reminder about appropriate clothing. I understand that some children like to wear shorts to school, but the weather has been particularly cold and some of those children are not wanting to go outside to play at break and lunchtimes, because they are so cold. Please send children to school in warm, appropriate clothes.

Once again this term we are looking at attendance , following a monitoring visit and we will be starting our attendance rewards again. I know that there have been a lot of bugs, illness and unavoidable absence, and would not expect anyone to be in school if they are unwell, but a polite reminder that holidays and occasional day trips cannot be authorised and will be recorded as unauthorised. Thank you for your support .

We still have several places in Reception for September 2023. If you know of anyone who is still looking for a school place for that year, please do pass on our details.

Next week:

We have Mix Up sessions! Each afternoon the children will be working in cross age groups (YR-6) with a focus on Expressive Arts. We will be working on drama, music, dance and art activities, whilst learning about St Dwynwen! We will share our work on short videos later in the term 

Monday 23rd-Piano lessons. Guitar lessons have been moved to Thursday for this week only.

Tuesday 24th-KS2 PE, 

3:30-4:30pm FPh/KS2 Art Club

Wednesday 25th-FPh PE & Y3 Pbuzz session, 

3:30-4:30pm FPh Lego/KS2 Fitness Club

Thursday 26th-Guitar lessons

3:30-4:30pm FPh Drama and Singing/Eco Club KS2

Friday 27th

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 13th January 2023

Dear All,

A great first week back. It is great to see everyone happy and healthy at the start of this term!

This week we welcomed Dmytro into Y3/4, and although he was only with us for a short period of time, we enjoyed getting to know him. We also welcomed Eliza into Y3 and Miss Price, who is working in Foundation Phase to cover some of the days I will be working for the Local Authority. We hope you both have had a great start to the new school term.

KS2 enjoyed their team building session with orienteering and archery. Thank you to Trewern Outdoor Education Centre for offering this experience, free of charge!

Foundation Phase have been planning for learning activities that they would like to do as part of their new topic.

This term our topics are:

  • Foundation Phase-Light and Dark
  • KS2-Energy!

Letters with further information will be sent out on Monday

Next Friday, 20th January we have our ‘Thank you’ disco for all children (see the attached letter). The disco will start at 5:30pm and finish at 7pm. All children need to be dropped off at/collected from the Community Hall by an adult.  This is free of charge, and is being paid for from money raised at The Greenman last year, however children can bring in a small amount of money to buy refreshments eg crisps, sweets and squash. Water will be available for all children.

Next week year 3 are starting a block of music sessions with Andy McDade when they will be learning to play pbuzzes! This is a ten week free programme, delivered as part of the Powys Music Programme. We are very excited about this initiative and hope to be able to share our new skills with you at the end of the Spring Term!

Next week:

Mon16th-Guitar/Piano Lessons KS2

Tues17th-KS2 PE 

Weds18th-FPh PE & Y3 music session

Thurs 19th-

Fri 20th-Kinde & School Disco 5:30-7pm

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes, Kathryn Marshall


Weekly update 2nd December 2022

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone for your very kind messages of support regarding my new post with Powys. I’m trying to not think about it too much at the moment!!

A massive thank you to everyone who supported the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. We raised a fantastic £428.86 for this very worthy charity.

We have had a lovely week. Thank you to Bryn the Guide Dog who visited KS2, and well done to our fabulous choir and Mrs James for performing at the Llangattock Light Switch-on, it definitely made us all feel very Christmassy!!


We are now all just about ready for our Christmas Concerts next week. The children, and staff have all been working so hard and I think you are all going to be in for a very special treat!

For the evening performances the children need to come back to school for 5:30pm. We will be using facepaints, so please let your child/ren’s class teacher know if they are not to have their faces painted.

There will be refreshments and a raffle at each of the performances. All proceeds will go towards paying for the hire of the Community Hall and purchasing costumes and props. 


Christmas Lunch orders need to be returned.

Permission and payment for Fun and Film Night need to be returned as soon as possible please.


This week has been the last week for clubs due to Christmas events. However, if you need any support with childcare on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, please let me know.

Next week:

No piano lessons on Monday. The final session for this term will be on Monday 12th December.

Mon 5th- 2pm FPh Christmas Concert 

Tues 6th- 1:30pm KS2 Christmas Concert & 6pm FPh Christmas Concert

Weds 7th-6pm KS2 Christmas Concert

Thurs 8th-ITeach working with KS2 on databases.

3:30-6:30pm FUN & FILM NIGHT for YR-Y6

Fri 9th-Christmas Jumper Day – £1 donation for Save the Children

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 25th November 2022

Dear All,

What a super busy week!!

We won’t mention the football, but we all enjoyed our hot chocolate and biscuits!

PC Skyrme and Taryn the dragon visited Owls’ class on Wednesday. Taryn likes to play pranks and really scared us when he shouted ‘Boo’! We talked about our feelings and emotions and who we could talk to if we were worried about anything.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Maths Workshop. It was lovely to have parents and grandparents in our classes. I hope you found it informative and useful. If you were unable to attend we are running a TEAMS session on Thursday 1st December at 9:30-10 am, when I will share the powerpoint and be available to answer any questions. Please let me know if you would find this useful and I will share the TEAMs link with you.

Next week is our last week of clubs, however, if you are struggling for childcare for the following 2 weeks, please let me know and we will provide after school childcare on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any after school provision during the last week of term.

On Wednesday 30th November Llangattock Christmas lights are being switched on. Everyone is welcome to join in with this community event, where our choir will be singing. All children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Future Events.

We are running a Fun and Film Night for all children (YR-Y6) on Thursday 8th December. We hope this may give some parents additional shopping or wrapping time! A letter will be sent out on Monday. 

Christmas plays are rapidly approaching. If you have any spare tickets, which you will not be using, please return them to the office, so we can offer them to other families.

A polite reminder that pre-school children are very welcome to join us for the afternoon performances, but we keep the evening performances for adults only. Thank you for your support in this.

Thank you to everyone who has sorted costumes, or accessories. All costumes/accessories need to be in school by Monday 28th. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you are finding it difficult to get anything.

Next Week:

Due to Christmas concerts and events next week is our last week of after school clubs. 

Please note: Guitar Lessons will be on Wednesday morning

Mon 28th-Piano Lessons

Tues 29th-KS2 PE

Art and Craft Club (Y1-6)

Weds 30th-Guitar Lessons


Lego Club (Y1-2) & Fitness Club (Y3-6)

Thurs 1st-9:30-10:30 Maths Workshop on TEAMS

Fri 2nd- School Council Treat Shop in the main hall after school 

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 18th November 2022

Dear All,

Despite the wet, windy and very dark days, we have all had a busy, fun week.

Foundation Phase have been learning all about shapes, Y3/4 have been reading about Helen Keller and Y5/6 have been learning some British Sign Language.

Of course we have all been learning songs and lines for our Christmas concerts; very exciting!!

We all had a lovely day today, raising money for Children in Need. Our Teddy Bears’ Picnic was great fun and we raised £188 for this very worthy charity. Thank you for your support.


Is anyone able to help with ironing KS2 costumes please? If so, please let me know when you are free. Thank you.

Next week:

Thursday 24th we will be running a maths workshop for all parents and carers. Information was sent out yesterday. Please return the slip to confirm your attendance so we can plan working spaces and ensure we can fit everyone in. If you are not able to attend, we will send out the information and will offer a TEAMS meeting later in the term.

Friday 25th is Schools’ National Football Day, as well as Wales V Iran in the World Cup Tournament. Many of the children have asked to watch this match, which starts at 10am. We will be streaming the match live,  and providing hot chocolate and biscuits at half-time, at a cost of £1.50 payable on Parentpay. We have also had to purchase a TV licence for this event, so any money raised on this day will help to cover the £159 cost of this.

We need permission for children to watch the match, so please let you child/ren’s class teacher know if you do not wish them to watch.  There will be alternative activities for children who do not wish to watch the match. Children can wear red, any Welsh themed clothing, or Welsh football kits.

Next week:

Mon 21st

Tues 22nd-KS2 Tennis

Art and Craft Club Y2-6

Weds 23rd-FPh PE

Lego Y1-2 & Fitness Club Y3-6

Thur 24th-Maths workshop for parents/carers

Singing & Drama Club Y1-2 & Eco Club Y3-6

Fri 25th-Schools’ National Football Day (Wales V Iran). Wear red/Welsh clothing

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 11th November 2022

Dear All,

A great first week back, if a little wet!!

This week we have all been very busy.

KS2 had their first ball skills session with Cerys. They played lots of ball skills games including Swedish handball and had a great time. 

Foundation Phase have been using the new balance bikes and enjoying some mini yoga, as well as making some fantastic bonfire cakes!

We all joined in with the Urdd Jambori and had great fun singing along with many other schools from Wales.

Thank you to everyone who made cakes and attended our Remembrance Service today. We raised £124 from donations today for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. As soon as we know how much we raised from poppy merchandise we’ll let you. Also, a massive thank you to Blaina Royal British Legion for leading our Service and to our very confident, capable Year 5 and 6 pupils for hosting this fabulous community event.

There is a Remembrance Service at St Catwg’s Church at 6pm on Sunday. All are very welcome.

Photos-Your school photos are now available online to view and order at  www.clickfoto.co.uk

Next week is another busy week:

Friday 18th is Children in Need. Children can come dressed in any Pudsey related items, spotty, or bright clothes for a minimum donation of £1 to this great charity. As we will all be having packed lunch on this day, everyone is welcome to bring in a teddy to join in with a whole school teddy bears’ picnic (information sent out earlier this week)

Monday 14th-Piano and guitar lessons

Tuesday 15th-2:30-3:30 Governors’ drop-in session in the Community hall

Y2-6 Art & Craft Club

Wednesday 16th-Y1/2 Lego Club & Y3-6 Fitness Club

Thursday 17th-Y1/2 Singing/Drama Club & Y3-6 Eco Club

Friday 18th-Children in Need. Packed lunches only. Teddy Bears’ picnic!!!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,


Weekly update 7th October 2022

Dear All,

Another lovely, busy week.

KS2 enjoyed a lovely afternoon looking at space rocks and spending time in the Planetarium. A massive thank you to Usk Astronomical Society and Kate Inglis for organising this.

Foundation Phase have been busy making delicious apple pies and working outdoors.

Thank you to Rev Jeremy for another lively ‘Open the Book’ style assembly. We’re looking forward to our next story at the Harvest Service at St Catwg’s.

Thank you to everyone who bought hot chocolate and cookies to support the Sands Charity. We raised over £90.

We would like to welcome Mr Owen Eckley to our Foundation Phase team. He has mainly been working with Reception and Year 1 and has been a great asset this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him.

We are delighted to say we will be having tennis coaching sessions for KS2 on Tuesday afternoons from October 25th. We are very lucky that the PTA have kindly offered to pay for this with money raised at The Greenman. 

We are running an Open Day for prospective parents on October 25th. Please share the information sent out earlier this week with anyone who may be interested. Thank you

Next week:

Mon 10th-Flu Vaccines

Tues 11th-KS2 PE 

3:30pm Y1-6 Art and Craft Clubs

Weds 12th-FPh PE

3:30pm Y1/2 Lego & KS2 Fitness Club

Thurs 13th-

3:30pm Y1/2 Singing and Drama & KS2 Eco Club

Fri 14th-Shwmae Day

9:15-11:00am Kinde in the Community Hall

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 30th September 2022

Dear All,

Thank you for another lovely week.

This week we have enjoyed a great assembly with Rev Jeremy Bevan. Rev. Bevan will be starting Confirmation classes with Y6 next week. KS2 also enjoyed a lovely Spanish session with Keri Bosley from Crickhowell High School. Thank you to Keri Bosley!

Future dates:

The Planetarium KS2-4th October

Flu vaccination-10th October

Harvest-18th October

Parent Consultation Week. This year we will be offering a range of dates and times throughout the week beginning 24th October and the option of a face to face or TEAMs meeting. We will be encouraging children to attend the meetings with parents, so we can help them understand their strengths and progress and what they need to do next in their learning. More details will be sent out next week.

Next week is another busy week.

Kate Inglis has very kindly organised a visit from The Planetarium for KS2. This is a free opportunity for the children and they will also be able to see and handle moon rocks. Very exciting!

In response to a request from a parent, on Thursday we will be selling hot chocolate and biscuits for £1, with all proceeds going to the Sands charity. If your child would like to participate he/she needs to bring in £1 on Thursday morning and we will serve the hot chocolate and biscuits at morning break.

We also have our Community Swap Shop on Friday 7th October. Information was sent out earlier this week.

Mon 3rd-

Tues 4th-KS2 PE & The Planetarium for KS2

3:30pm Y1-6 Art and Craft Clubs

Weds 5th-FPh PE

3:30pm Y1/2 Lego & KS2 Fitness Club

Thurs 6th-Hot chocolate and biscuits £1 donation

3:30pm Y1/2 Singing and Drama & KS2 Eco Club

Fri 7th-1pm-4pm Community Swap Shop 

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Marshall


Weekly update 8th July 2022

Dear All,

Another lovely week, and an extremely busy one for our Y6 children in particular.

Y6 had a lovely Service at Brecon Cathedral and celebrated with other Church in Wales Schools. It was a great experience.

We also had our Y6 Leavers’ concert, when all of our fabulous Year 6 children were able to share and celebrate their amazing talents. It was brilliant!

Y5 enjoyed a theme day at Crickhowell High School. It was a great opportunity to see the school and meet other children who will be going to the High School next year.

Of course, we are ending the week with our Y6 Sleepover and dinner. We are all very excited about this and I’m sure we’ll all be tucked up in bed and fast asleep by 9:30!

Our final figure for money raised last Friday from Sports Day, the Summer Fair  and the sale of ice-cream and sweets today is over £1150.65!!!! We are delighted and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Next week is our final week. It’s hard to believe another school year has come and gone. Lots going on, again.

Y5/6 have asked for a water fight as part of their Reward day. This will be on Wednesday, but may not be a water fight, but will involve water!!! Details out on Monday.

No PE next week, but we will be outside most days.

Mon 11th-Y5/6 Crickfest. Information sent out earlier this week & Y3/4 Reward day

Tues12th-Whole School picnic. No hot school meals available & 1:30pm Leavers’ Service at St Catwg’s. All welcome.

Weds 13th-Y5/6 Reward day 

Thurs 15th-Fish and Chip Lunch available. LAST DAY FOR PUPILS!!!


Have a lovely wekkend!

Best wishes,

Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 1st July 2022

Dear All,

I hope everyone has enjoyed our busy week!

It was great to see so many parents, grandparents and family at our Open Day, which I hope you all enjoyed.

It was also great fun to hold our first Sports Day in three years. Congratulations to Blue Team, but all of the children were amazing, as usual.

Thank you to everyone who attended our summer fair this afternoon, and to everyone who donated items and helped to set up, clear away and serve. It was a huge success. We will let you know the total when we have finished counting, but it is looking like we have raised in excess of £600! Amazing!!

We are delighted to announce that we have finally achieved our Cymraeg Campus bronze award. We were originally due to be assessed in March 2020, but this was cancelled due to COVID, so we have had to wait for two years. A massive thank you to our Criw Cymraeg, all of the children, Mrs James and Mrs Sandercock. 

Last call for our well-being survey. If you haven’t completed it yet, please do so as we will be discussing the results, and how we can improve, in our Governors’ meeting on Thursday. Thank you.

Next week

Last week of clubs

Mon 4th – Y5/6 PE

Tues 5th – Y3/4 PE, 10am Y6 Leavers’ Service @ Brecon Cathedral, YR-5 Rev Jeremy Bevan’s Assembly

Weds 6th- FPh PE, 1pm PC Skyrme with Y6, 6pm Y6 Leavers’ Concert in the Community Hall

Thurs 7th -9:30-12:00 Y5 Transition Day to CHS, 

Fri 8th- Whole School introduction to Spanish with Keri Bosley (CHS),6pm Y6 Leavers’ Dinner and Sleepover

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 17th June 2022

Dear All,

What an amazing end to a great week! Thank you to everyone who supported our fabulous Talent Show today. It was so good to see everyone and amazing to see so many children performing so confidently. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. As soon as we have a total, we will share it with you. 

Thank you to Clams Bakery for donating the ‘posh scones’ and The Russells for making so much popcorn! 

We are hoping to use any funds raised this year to provide sports training/coaches for the children next year. 

Polite reminder to anyone who is interested in joining the Governing Body, please return your nomination paper by Monday 20th June. Thank you.

This week our Foundation Phase visited Mumbles Beach. They had great weather and were so well-behaved. Everyone had a good time. Thank you to all staff, children and volunteers involved.

KS2 visited The Church for an assembly led by Rev Jeremy Bevan. They have also been writing their own Jubilee Song which they performed today and will be performing for you on our Open Afternoon, so talented!

Confirmation Service-Tuesday 21st June. Please note only Year 2-6 will be attending this service. All parents/guardians/family are welcome to join us to celebrate two Y6 children who will be confirmed.

Next week.

Clubs as usual

Please note the change of PE days for some classes due to our Confirmation Service on Tuesday and Year 6 new intake day at CHS on Thursday.

Mon 20th-KS2 Guitar Lessons

Tues 21st-10am Confirmation Service at St Catwg’s Y2-6. Visit from Bishop John Lomas FPh Art&Craft Club/KS2 Singing Club, 5pm Induction Meeting for Reception Parents

Weds 22nd-PE Y3/4 & FPh/FPh Lego Club/KS2 Fitness Club

Thurs 23rd-Y6 at CHS New Intake Day/All children moving to their new classrooms/FPh Fitness Club/KS2 Eco Club

Fri 24th-Y5/6 PE, Reports out 

Have a super weekend.

Best wishes,

Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 10th June 2022

Dear All,

A lovely, very busy first week back!

Our Y5/6 children have had a fabulous few days on their residential trip. They were very adventurous and an absolute credit to themselves, you and the school. Thank you to the children, and Mrs Jones, Mrs Sandercock and Miss Powell for making this trip such a success.

Y3/4 visited The Wild Place and had a fantastic time. They saw so many animals and were also an absolute credit. Well done to everyone involved!

KS2 visited the Church to complete a wildflower survey. No bee stings this year, thank goodness, but lots of amazing wildlife and flowers.

Foundation Phase enjoyed the story of the Drama Llama, read by the author Rachel Morissroe and learnt lots about how to keep safe on the beach from the RNLI.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Green Man meeting. It looks like we have a great group of volunteers, but desperately need more. Please let us know if you are able to help in any way. Thank you.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the school year, and there is such a lot happening over the next few weeks. I have attached a new date sheet, which will hopefully help everyone to keep on track of what’s going on.

Next week we have cancelled the Foundation phase Club on Tuesday as they will have been to the beach during the day and will be very tired, as will staff!

Please note: The last week for clubs is wk bg 4th July. There will not be any clubs in the last week of term.

Jubilee Talent Show-children can come to school dressed in red, white and blue, or as a king or queen. 

All children need to be collected at 3:30pm as usual. The Talent Show will then start at 3:45 We really hope you’ll all join us

Next week:

Mon 13th-

Tues 14th-FPh trip to the beach, 10am KS2 at St Catwg’s Church with Rev Jeremy Bevan


Weds 15th-FPh PE/Y5/6 with Jeremy Thomas (local artist), FPh Lego Club/KS2 Fitness Club

Thurs 16th- Hearing test for Y1, FPh Fitness Club/KS2 Eco Club

Fri 17th-3:45pm Jubilee Talent Show

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 13th May 2022

Dear All,

Another amazing, busy week.

I was greeted on Monday morning by a small group of children who were very eager to tell me about their weekend. They had made fresh lemonade and sold it to raise money for Ukraine. They raised over £30. This is an amazing achievement and shows just how ethically informed these children are. We’re very proud of them!

Foundation Phase had a fabulous trip to Bristol, visiting The SS Great Britain, KS2 started guitar lessons and Crickhowell Craft Club came in to help KS2 make some lovely Jubilee Bunting. Thank you to our brilliant volunteers. The children will be bringing this home to hang up outside in readiness for the Jubilee celebrations.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Green Man meeting. We have lots of volunteers, but any more offers of help would be fantastic.

Thank you to Jenny Edwards who once again has very generously donated over £600 from her plant stall. We are so grateful for this thoughtful contribution. Eco club have already put in a bid for new gardening equipment. Thank you very much!

Polite reminder to place orders for photographs asap, so as not to incur delivery costs. We are awaiting the group photos, and will send these out as soon as possible.

Next week:

Tues 17th-Rev Jeremy Bevan whole school assembly, PE Y3/4, FPh Art & Craft Club/KS2 Singing6pm Y5/6 residential meeting (School Hall)

Weds 18th-PE Foundation Phase, Lego Club/KS2 Fitness

Thurs 19th-PE Y5/6, FPh Fitness Club/KS2 Eco

Wk bg 23rd MayY5/6 will have lessons from the High School, delivered by TEAMS and KS2 will be ‘virtually’ visiting the Hay Festival!

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 6th May 2022

Dear All

A very fast week! Y3/4 had a great activity day to celebrate collecting all their Dojo points, Foundation Phase have been planting flowers and potatoes, Year 6 visited Crickhowell High School and Year 5 practised being Year 6 for the day. Well done everyone!

Thank you to our garden volunteers who came into school again this week. The grounds are looking lovely, your help is very much appreciated. If anyone would like to come in on another day, just let me know.

Choir Practice starts this evening at Llangattock church with Steve Marshall, 6pm. 

Photographs:The photographs taken this week were lovely. Everyone should have received information on how to place an order for photographs. All orders placed also helps to raise money for School, so thank you!

Next week:
Green Man Meeting-Monday 3pm:
All welcome. Please use the link below if you are not able to attend, but would like to be involved. Please let me know if you will be attending. Microsoft Teams meeting Join on your computer or mobile app Click here to join the meeting

Key stage 2 will be making bunting with the Crickhowell craft club. You should have received a letter asking for permission for your child’s photograph to be used as part of the project. If we have not received permission your child’s photograph to be used, he/she can still be part of the project, but their photograph will not be used outside of school. I have attached the permission slip here, in case you have mislaid it.

Mon 9th May-3pm Green Man Meeting

Tues 10th May-Rev Jeremy Bevan’s Whole School Assembly, Rev Margaret Williams with KS2, Y3/4 PE, FPh craft club/KS2 singing club

Weds 11th May-FPh PE, Lego club/KS2 fitness club

Thurs 12th May-FPh trip to SS Great Britain, Y5/6 PE, FPh fitness club/KS2 eco club

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 29th April 2022

What a fabulous first week back. We have had our first mix-up session for 2 years and the children have been absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone involved.
This afternoon we had our Charity Market. This was instigated by some of our Y5/6 pupils who were very keen to do something to support Ukranian families. I am delighted to say they have raised £310. This will all go to UNICEF disaster response fund. Thank you so much for supporting this event
A massive thank you to our super volunteers who came to tidy the school grounds today. There’s lots more to do, so any other volunteers would be very welcome.

Next week:
Photos-On Tuesday we have Tempest Photography in school. All children will be able to have an individual, class and family photograph taken, but if you would like to have a family photograph with younger children, please come to the Community Hall between 8:15 and 9am.

COVID updateWe have been issued with new advice regarding positive cases in school. Please see attached information.

Jewellery Just a polite reminder that jewellery should not be warn in school. 1 pair of plain, stud earrings are allowed. 

Next Week:


Tues-3rd May School Photos, children should wear school uniform.NO PE for Y3/4Singing club KS2/Craft club FPh

Wed 4th May FPh PEY3/4 PE-change of dayFitness club KS2/Lego club FPh

Thurs 5th May Y3/4 Activity dayPE Y5/6pm Tudur Welsh Games for the Whole SchoolEco club KS2/Fitness club FPh

Fri 6th May Y6 Transition day to CHS (you should have received a letter with the details, but please let me know if you haven’t)

Have a lovely extra-long weekend and hopefully enjoy the lovely spring weather.

Kind regards,
Kathryn Marshall


Weekly update 28th March 2022

Dear All,

A busy week for all.

We have all been practising our Easter songs and poems ready for next week’s Service at St Catwg’s. We are very excited, and hope you are able to join us for our first Service in 2 years!

This week Foundation Phase have visited the Church, some for the first time and KS2 have been planning their Llangattock Guide Leaflet. We have all enjoyed being outside as much as possible, and are very much looking forward to the forthcoming Easter holidays!

Next week we have our Easter Service on Tuesday at 10am in St Catwg’s Church. The children will be singing and reciting poems. All welcome. Please see the attached Risk Assessment provided by the Church.

We hope you have all been busy planning and making Easter Hats ready for our parade next Thursday. Children need to bring in their hats on Thursday morning. Parents/Guardians can then join us at 2:30pm to see the amazing creations and listen to the children singing. Children can then be collected ready for the Easter holidays.

Please note due to Easter events children do not need to wear PE kit next week. We will be playing playground games etc throughout the week.

Clubs-please note due to the Easter Parade and staff training after school there will be no after school clubs on Thursday 7th April. Clubs will restart after Easter.

Tues-10am Church Service a St Catwg’s All welcome.

Thurs-9:30 Guitar taster sessions for KS2 & Easter Hat Parade. Parents/Guardians welcome to join us at 2:30pm

Fri-Non-Pupil Day

Have a lovely weekend.

Weekly update 21st March 2022

Dear All,

Lots going on this week, including cricket and outdoor learning for Foundation Phase and a visit to Beacon Boats for our KS2. Thank you to Alasdair Kirkpatrick, who made us feel so welcome and really put lots of effort into preparing for our visit. Also, well done and thank you to our KS2 children who were so well behaved, polite and interested in the workshop.

Mothering Sunday Service: Sunday 9:30. All welcome.If your child is singing in the choir with Steve Marshall he/she needs to be at Church for 9:15. 

Additional INSET DAY:Powys have provided schools with an additional INSET day for Schools to work on the New Curriculum. Monday 27th June is this additional day. School will be closed to all pupils on this day.

Easter Hats:Just a reminder to everyone to get busy creating your lovely Easter Hats in readiness for our parade on Thursday 7th April!

Parentpay:Polite reminder to check account balance as soon as possible as we have several accounts in debt. Thank you.

Next week:

Mon 28th-Reception measurement survey

Tues 29th-Y3/4 PE& Rev Jeremy Bevan Assembly

Weds 30th-Foundation Phase PE

Thurs 31st-Y5/6 PE& Y5/6 to Church @ 1:30

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 14th March 2022

Dear All,

A lovely week, with lots going on.

Terry Dickson joined us for cricket, Rev Jeremy Bevan led our weekly assembly and we have started after school clubs again!

We all had great fun today raising money for Comic relief. Lots of us thought wearing pyjamas every day would be a great idea!! Thank you to Clams Bakery for their very kind donation of tasty cakes.  Thanks to your generosity we have raised over £210.  Well done everyone!

This year we are hoping once again to run our Easter Hat competition. All children are very welcome to get involved. Children need to create their own Easter Hat which can be brought into school on Thursday 7th April.  We will then share the hats with each other, have an Easter Egg Hunt and sing some fun Easter songs. Tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits will be available.  We are hoping parents/guardians, family and friends will be able to join us at 2:30pm to hear some Easter songs and see our Easter Hats!!

We are also planning to hold our Easter Service at St Catwg’s Church on Tuesday 5th April at 10am. All welcome. More details to follow.

Next Week:

Tues 22nd – KS2 to Beacon Boats/Singing KS2 & Art/Craft FPh Club

Weds 23rd- PE/Cricket for everyone & Bronze Ambassador Meeting/Fitness KS2 & Lego FPh Club

Thurs 24th-Eco KS2 & Fitness FPh Club

Future Events this term:

27th March-9:30am Mothering Sunday Service at St Catwg’s. All welcome.

28th March-Reception Measuring Survey

31st March-Y5/6 Visit to St Catwg’s ‘Stations of the Cross’

5th April-10am Easter Service at St Catwg’s7th April-Easter Hat Parade


Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 7th March 2022

Dear All

Another lovely week, with lots going on. It has been lovely to see the children mixing together again. They have really enjoyed it.

What have we been doing? Rev Jeremy Bevan visited us for our weekly assembly, Foundation Phase have been green screening, PC Skyrme worked with Y6 and Y1-6 had a great time playing cricket on Wednesday; Terry Dickson said they were amazing! It almost feels like we are beginning to get back to some sense of normality!

Polite reminder: Please do not allow children to play on the outdoor equipment at the start and end of the day, as we are not insured without appropriate adult supervision. It is also important to leave the school grounds promptly at the end of the day as some of our clubs will be using the school grounds. Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Sunday School starts again this Sunday at St Catwg’s. There are lots of lovely activities planned and all are welcome.

Next week Friday is Comic Relief. The children have asked to come dressed in pyjamas for a minimum donation of £1 to Comic Relief. Please ensure children have something warm to wear outside, and appropriate footwear too.

After school clubs begin. All children who have returned a slip can stay for their chosen clubs. Please ensure you are ready to collect your child/ren at 4:30pm from their usual exit/entrance. 

Cricket has been changed to Thursday next week.


Thurs 17th-Y1-6 cricket/PE for Reception-PE kit for all children

Fri 18th-Comic Relief-Wear your pyjamas!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 28th February 2022

Dear All,

A lovely first week back, with so much to celebrate. Our Eisteddfod was amazing and showcased a lot of very happy, confident children! World Book Day was lots of fun. We’ve worked on Elmer, Room on the Broom, Tom’s Midnight Garden as well as several other stories. Don’t forget to look at Twitter to see what we have been doing. All children should have brought home a World Book Day token. Please let his/her class teacher know if they haven’t received one.

Thank you to everyone who bought cakes today. We have raised £200 in aid of Unicef Ukraine Charity. We will be closing our Just Giving page on Monday, if you haven’t yet donated, but can manage just a few pounds that would be fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has donated. We have had lots of fun running and have clocked up a massive  606 miles between us. This is a great achievement, but we have also raised over £500 for Cancer Research UK. A massive thank you for your huge generosity.

Y6 enjoyed a visit from Mrs Jackie Parker, headteacher at Crickhowell High School. 

Over the next three weeks, Terry Dickson will be working with Y1-6 children to develop their cricket skills. The first session is on Wednesday next week. Children will need to wear PE kit on that day. Hopefully this will be outside, but the session will take pace in the Community Hall if the weather is wet.

Next week:

Mon 7th-
Tues 8th-NO Y3/4 PE &Rev Jeremy Bevan Assembly

Weds 9th-PE for All children-cricket

Thurs 10th-NO Y5/6 PE & Y2 Forest Schools

Future events: Friday 18th March Comic Relief

Weekly update 7th February 2022

Dear All

We’ve had a lovely week, with lots going on. Foundation Phase had a fabulous trip to Brecon Museum on Monday. For some children it was their first trip out of school and they were all amazing!

KS2 joined PC Skyrme for a safer internet day assembly, Year 3 and 4 have been on a walk around the local area looking at bridges and Y5/6 took part in an online Welsh Quiz.

We have also all been running for Cancer Research UK. A great job from everyone. Thank you to everyone who has already generously donated. If you haven’t but would like to support this great charity, please use the link below.


Well done and congratulations to Seth Retallick who participated in the British Schools Rifle Championships this week. He is a British junior finalist, and one of the youngest competitors. An excellent achievement! 

Next week:We have parent consultation meetings. You should have had an appointment time confirmed, if not, please contact your child’s class teacher.
There is no after school provision next week, due to parent consultation meetings.
Friday 18th February is the last day before half-term. All children return to school on Monday 28th February.
Mon-Outdoor learning Y1/2
Tues-Y3/4 PE & Rev Jeremy Bevan AssembliesWed-Foundation Phase PEThurs-Y5/6 PE & Outdoor Learning YRFri-Own clothes day-all donations to

Future Events:Eisteddfod March 1st-Children can come to school dressed in traditional Welsh costume, Welsh rugby shirts, or plain red tops. If your child plays a musical instrument and would like to play a piece, please let his/her class teacher know.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes, Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 31st January 2022

Dear All,

Goodness me, what a week!

We have had several new positive cases in school, but I’m pleased to say on the whole people have not been too unwell, and the cases definitely seem to be slowing down.
Despite COVID we have had a lovely week in school working on St Dwynwen’s Day and celebrating 100 years of the Urdd. 


Due to the current Covid situation, some of our older children have decided they want to wear masks in school. We have not encouraged this, or included it in our preventative measures, as the guidance from Welsh Government has said it is not necessary. However, if you feel it is necessary for your child to wear a mask/face covering during the day, we understand, but ask you let us know your child will be wearing a mask before they come into school, and discuss the appropriate use and hygiene issues around wearing them with your child. Children will not need to wear masks during PE, outside during playtimes, or in the dinner hall. Thank you for your support in this matter. 

Little Sparks
The last few weeks has been a very challenging time for Little Sparks, but I’m delighted we are now fully open and have now appointed Hannah Osmond to work alongside Dannielle Gallop for the rest of this academic year. Hannah has a lot of early years experience and I’m sure will take the setting from strength to strength. I really appreciate everyone’s support and understanding. 

Parent Consultation Meetings-Wk Bg 14th February. These will once again be on TEAMS. Letters will be sent out early next week with further information.

56 Miles in February Challenge-Following my email earlier this week regarding one of our former pupils, Rosie Jarman, we have decided to also get involved in the 56 miles in February Challenge to support Cancer UK. We have discussed this with the School Council and they have come up with some great ideas to support this charity. Please see the attached letter. We really hope you will be able to get involved too and raise much needed money for this very worthy charity. 

Next Week:

Mon-Outdoor Learning for Y1/2

Tues-Y3/4 PE & Rev Jeremy Bevan Assemblies

Wed-Foundation Phase PE

Thur-Y5/6 PE & Outdoor Learning for Reception

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,
Kathryn Marshall

Weekly update 24th January 2022

Dear All,

Best wishes,


WEEKLY UPDATE 26th November

  • Mon 29th- 6pm new Curriculum For Wales Teams meeting for parent (link sent out earlier this week and will be resent on Monday)
  • Tue 30th- Rev Jeremy Bevan Assembly and Y3/4 PE
  • Wed 1st Dec-Circus Skills. All children will need to wear PE kit
  • Llangattock Christmas Lights
  • Thurs 2nd Y5/6 PE
  • Fri 3rd-FPh PE-wear suitable clothes

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,

Kathryn Marshall


Dear All,

A much more Autumnal feel to this week’s weather, but we have still managed to get out and about.

Foundation Phase have been acting out the story of Creation, Y5/6 visited St Catwg’s Church, thank you to Mrs Jones and one of our Governors Ann Williams for organising this and Y3/4 have been working on developing a positive mindset to help them cope with challenging situations.

Flu Vaccines
Thank you to everyone who has returned the flu vaccine letter. If there are any outstanding letters, please return them to the office by Monday, as the School Nurse will be collecting them early next week. Please return even if you do not give permission for your child to have the vaccine, or you have made alternative arrangements. Thank you

Cauliflower Cards
This year we will once again be making Christmas cards to help raise money for school. Further information will be sent out shortly.

Next week:

  • Mon-
  • Tues-Y3/4 PE 6pm Governors AGM
  • Wed-Foundation Phase PE; KS2 visit to Llangattock Allotments (weather allowing)
  • Thurs-Y5/6 PE
  • Fri-Y5/6 singing with Mr Marshall

Thank you all.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,
Kathryn Marshall

WEEKLY UPDATE 24th September

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone for your support in what has been a busy and challenging week.

We have had a lovely day supporting Macmillan Cancer nurses. Thank you to everyone for their generous contributions, to Mrs Glenys Edwards, in the kitchen for making tray bakes for everyone and for Clams bakery for donating red velvet cake. Yum! So far we have raised £150. Brilliant!

Please find attached a poster regarding this year’s harvest supper.

Everyone should have received a copy of the Governors’ Annual Report to Parents. If you have not received a copy, or would like a hard copy, plese contact the school office.

On our termly update we had planned an Autumn Fair for next Friday, however, given the current COVID circumstances we will not be running this event.
We are really hopeful we will be to run a Christmas event next half-term.

Polite reminder:
Flu vaccination forms need to be returned as soon as possible
Please do not drive into school at the start and end of the day, or to drop off at breakfast club, as there may be children and adults walking around.

Next week:

  • Mon-
  • Tues-Y3/4 PE
  • Weds-Foundation Phase PE
  • Thurs-Y5/6 PE
  • Fri-Singing with Mr Marshall for Y5/6

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Marshall

WEEKLY UPDATE 17th September

Dear All,

I hope you have all had a good second full week back in school. It’s great to see everyone settling back in so well.

Just a polite reminder to all that bikes and scooters should not be ridden in the school grounds. Please dismount at the gate. Thank you.

This week Foundation Phase enjoyed a fun ‘Toys’ workshop and Y5/6 were happy to be singing again with Mr Marshall, where appropriate Covid measures were followed including a well-ventilated room and social distancing in place.

All children should have brought home a flu vaccination form. Please contact the school office if you have not received this.

Next Friday we will be running a biscuit/cake morning for the children to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The children can come to school in any bright coloured clothes (please make sure they have suitable footwear) and we will organise cakes for snack time. We are asking for a minimum donation of £1 which can be put in the collection pots as the children come into school

Next week:

  • Mon-
  • Tues- Y3/4 PE
  • Wed- Foundation Phase PE, Governors’ Report to Parents Available
  • Thur- Y5/6 PE
  • Fri- Y5/6 Singing with Mr Marshall/Macmillan Coffee Morning

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Marshall

WEEKLY UPDATE 10th September

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our class meetings. I hope you found them useful and informative. Class letters and topic webs were sent out earlier today, however, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Well done to our Y5/6 children who have made a start on tidying our school grounds today. Thank you to everyone who has offered to help in the school grounds. This will make a huge difference to the children’s environment and play areas. If anyone else is able to volunteer please let me know.

As we move into the Autumn term could you please ensure your child has a coat in school so he/she is able to go outside even if it is raining. Thank you.

Next week:

Homework begins!

  • Mon-
  • Tue-PE Y3/4
  • Wed-PE Foundation Phase
  • Thur-PE Y5/6
  • Fri-

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Kathryn Marshall

WEEKLY UPDATE 3rd September

Dear All,

What a quick week!

It was so good to see everyone back on Thursday looking so happy and well rested.

Please find attached a pupil information sheet. If your contact details etc have changed in the last 12 months please complete and return a new form. If everything is as it was last September you do not need to do anything. If you would like a hard copy, please collect one from the main entrance.

Next week we will be holding our class meetings. Unfortunately we cannot hold face to face meetings, so I will be sending out TEAMS links later today.

These meeting are really important as they will give you general information about your child’s class routines, etc, but also guidance and ways to help your child with homework etc. They will be as informal as possible, and an opportunity for you to clarify any issues and expectations. A class letter will also be sent out with more detailed information. As soon as we are able to, we will hold live, additional class meetings.

PE will start next week. Children need to wear appropriate clothing to school eg plain jogging bottoms/leggings, a plain t-shirt and trainers, or daps. They will also need a school sweatshirt/jumper. Please avoid any branded/logo sportswear.

Homework-There will be no homework next week. We will start homework wk beginning 13th September.

Grounds Day for Y5/6 on Friday 10th September. Children can come to school in outdoor clothing and suitable footwear. We have some gardening gloves, but if they have their own, that would be really helpful.

Next week:

  • Mon 6th-4:15pm Foundation Phase Class Meeting
  • Tuesday 7th-Y3/4 PE
  • Weds 8th-4:15pm Y3/4 Class meeting
  • Foundation Phase PE
  • Thurs 9th-4:15pm Y5/6 Class Meeting; Y5/6 PE
  • Fri 10th-Y5/6 Grounds Day.

A newsletter with provisional dates will be emailed out on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Kathryn Marshall

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